The Hackney Social Centre was evicted May 16, 2008, after two unsuccessful eviction attempts in April. Many of the people living at the Social Centre have returned to their countries, and many are still in London, involved in different projects. The Social Centre was a brief but valuable experiment in active resistance and active defense of a large autonomous space in Hackney.

The Hackney space has a little bit of money left from the vegan cafes and from donations from the different groups that hosted events in the building. All of this money is going to fund direct action activies in London and abroad. Last month, £300 was given to comrades in Vancouver, organizing militant direct action resistance to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. In Hackney, squats and low-income housing are directly threatened by the Olympic re-development plans. The militancy of the Canadian activists is....inspirational.
URGENT UPDATE! The Hackney Social Centre is still under **THREAT OF EVICTION!** In March, the building's owners were given a Warrant of Possession by the courts. The Social Centre's scheduled eviction was successfully resisted on Monday 21 April by over 60 people - both inside and outside the building. Bailiffs are now expected to return to the building at any time.

Saturday, 19 April 2008


More information: This is the Hackney Social Centre's first eviction. Usually, this means that County Court Bailiffs come to execute the warrant of possession. Our county court bailiff eviction was scheduled serval weeks ago for 10:20 am on Monday April 21. However, last week, two squats in Hackney successfully resisted their first evictions, despite large police presence and persistant police intimidation. On Friday morning at 9:30am two police officers and two alleged representatives of the courts arrived at the Hackney Social Centre with an "Advance Notice" that a writ had been obtained for a HIGH COURT eviction, scheduled for 9:00 am on the Monday. We believe this is a response to last week's successful resistances, and see it as an aggressive, escalation tactic.

We know that the police read this website, and that they follow and monitor our activities. The Hackney Social Centre has only been open since February. And greedy property developers, hand in hand with the police, are trying to shut us down before we even really begin! Come on Monday, and be aware that a police presence is expected.

Read about the EVICTION THREAT on Indymedia:

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